Course Description

The program is an in-house training with the objective of teaching of work-related skills or knowledge to your staff to improve their efficiency and productivity and the organization as a whole.

Executive Summary

Your Challenge

IT has several challenges when it comes to addressing risk management:

  • Risk is unavoidable. Without a formal program to manage IT risk, you may be unaware of your most severe IT risks.
  • The business could be making decisions that are not informed by risk.
  • Reacting to risks after they occur can be costly and crippling, yet it is one of the most common tactics used by IT departments.

Common Obstacles

Many IT organizations realize these obstacles:

  • IT risks and business risks are often addressed separately, causing inconsistencies in the approach.
  • Security risk receives such a high profile that it often eclipses other important IT risks, leaving the organization vulnerable.
  • Failing to include the business in IT risk management leaves IT leaders too accountable; the business must have accountability as well.

Our Approach

  • Transform your ad hoc IT risk management processes into a formalized, ongoing program and increase risk management
  • Take a proactive stance against IT threats and vulnerabilities by identifying and assessing IT’s greatest risks before they occur.
  • Involve key stakeholders, including the business senior management team, to gain buy-in and to focus on the IT risks most critical to the organization.

Topics Covered

  • Review IT Risk Fundamentals and Governance
  • Identify IT Risks
  • Assess IT Risks
  • Monitor, Report, and Respond to IT Risk
  • Next Steps and Wrap-Up