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The purpose of the ITIL Foundation certificate in IT Service Management is to certify that the candidate has gained knowledge of the ITIL terminology

One of the most popular and all general-purpose programming language. We prepare you to learn, upgrade and shape your skills in programming and to take your career to a higher level.

Security awareness training is a formal process for educating employees about computer security. A good security awareness program should educate employees about corporate policies and procedures for working with information technology (IT).

This course adds value to the networking professionals’career and helps them to advance their careers. Applied Routing and Switching certified professional will have an opportunity to increase their job prospects.

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Our courses are MQA approved, allowing attendees to benefit from HRDC refunds, subject to conditions as imposed by the authorities being met.

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With Cyberskills you can boost your career, validate your skills, and demonstrate your expertise by earning an IT Certification.

Our team has over 10 years’ experience as IT operational people, thus positioning them to provide subject expertise that is enhanced by real-world experience. This ensures learning is relevant and reflects the challenges encountered in real work life.

Striving to be a socially responsible institution that contributes positively to the economy and society.

Scenario-based activities

We do not only focus on a theoretical approach during our trainings, but also on scenario-based activities to support active learning strategies such as problem-based or case-based learning.


Delivering demand-driven IT courses through various training solutions by utilizing suitably qualified trainers. Our trainers are well-qualified and have first-hand operational experiences.


Remaining committed to quality assurance, in the content of our programmes, assessment and moderation processes, information and data security, administration process and certification.

Quality assurance

Providing education and training aligned to current global best practices, that seek to continuously improve the quality of teaching and learning.

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