A Refresher Course


Course Description

This training course will provide attendees with an overview of FATCA and CRS and understanding the differences between them. We will then cover the classification of entities, with particular emphasis on local practical examples regarding the different types of financial institutions and understanding when an entity will fall within the definition of a Non-Foreign Financial Institution / Non-Financial Entity (NFFE/NFE) for FATCA and CRS respectively. Once the classification has been covered, we will move to understand the legal and regulatory obligations of each type of entities under those international taxation standards. An important point is also how to design/fill-in/review self-certification forms, bearing in mind the regular queries received from local and international banks pertaining to this.

Topics Covered

  • Overview of FATCA & CRS
  • Differences between FATCA & CRS
  • Classification of entities
  • Obligations of each type of entity
  • Overview of Due Diligence requirements
  • Self-Certification in Practice
  • Reporting
  • Janus – GO through FATCA/CRS XML converter Platform