Python Essentials 1

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Course Description

Python Essentials 1 is a basic course that will give you the chance to get into Python and computer programming.

It will take you from a state of complete programming illiteracy to a to a level of programming proficiency that will enable you to design, code, debug, and run Python scripts and comprehend the fundamental ideas of software development technology.

Python Essentials 1 will equip you with the skills necessary for jobs and careers in the field of well-known software development, which encompasses not only writing code as a junior developer but also designing computer systems and testing software.

What you will know after the course

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • design, develop, debug, execute, and refactor computer programs;
  • think algorithmically to analyze problems and implement them as computer processes;
  • use the syntax, semantics, and the most important elements of the Python Standard Library to write Python scripts and resolve typical implementation challenges;
  • understand the role of a programmer in the software development process;
  • create and develop your own programming portfolio to stand out from the crowd in the job market

Continue your professional development at an intermediate level with Python Essentials 2.


Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Python and Computer Programming
  • Data Types, Variables, Basic I/O Operations, Basic Operators
  • Boolean Values, Conditional Execution, Loops, Lists. Logical and Bitwise Operators.
  • Functions, Tuples, Dictionaries, and Data Processing